Eliot Adams • Product + Design

Experienced UX designer and product strategist, with an emphasis in ideation/discovery, concept validation, and user research. Most recently, I have worked with Formidable on the product design team to lead clients from discovery through delivery.


Mobile Voting App Pilot

Tusk Philanthropies provided a grant to an independent team tasked with developing and piloting an open-source, end-to-end verifiable mobile voting solution for digital absentee voting. In 2022, our team was tasked with auditing the first version, reviewing accessibility testing results, then defining, designing, and developing a second version.I contributed to this project by:

  • Leading a usability audit of the existing app

  • Developing flows and wireframes for version 2

  • Leading the discovery process

  • Researching relevant guidelines in the product space (legal requirements and SME/stakeholder interviews on political environment)

  • Contributing to PRD document and planning timeline/backlog/etc for project management

  • Communicating with backend team and stakeholders

  • Developing white-label/lightly customizable UI design library that will provide enough guidance to stay in compliance with accessibility and legal requirements

  • Rapid prototyping and user acceptance testing

Call Center Software Redesign

In 2022, a call center software company asked us to rebuild their web-based call center tools, and to reimagine their “user portal” including core browser-based communication functions for user agents (phone, fax, and SMS via the cloud portal).

  • Led discovery work including stakeholder workshops

  • Defined and documented product requirements

  • Collaborated with design technologists and engineers

  • Augmented existing component library

  • Developed wireframes to define product

  • Outlined user scenarios to guide product design thinking

  • Outlined project roadmap and co-led backlog development and project management throughout Agile design and engineering cycles

Bio/Chem Supply Ordering Flows

In late 2019 we were approached by a biology and chemistry lab supply company to lead the research and discovery efforts for the latest version of their product procurement and management portal for academic and commercial laboratories. While purchase flows were a core use case, the broader experience included the added complexity of many products requiring purchase authorization via various grants or institutional approvals, resulting in the need for an extra layer of moderated account management beyond what the average e-commerce site would typically require.My roles on this project included:

  • Planning, moderating, and synthesizing generative user research – creating collaborative customer journey mapping to assess existing user flows and jobs-to-be-done, identifying pain points or friction in the ordering process, and defining opportunities to improve confusion around regulatory requirements.

  • Conducting stakeholder interviews to define goals and requirements for the new version of the product.

  • Researching and analyzing competitor products in the lab management, scientific e-commerce, and B2B procurement spaces.

  • Creation and presentation of wireframes illustrating potential quick wins and low-hanging fruit that would begin to address our research findings using the client’s existing brand resources.

Mobile Ordering Customer Beta Program

In late 2019, a major food service company again approached us to investigate the implementation of an ordering beta program within the web-based version of their mobile app. This not only would allow them to rapidly and iteratively test prospective mobile app features with live user audiences, but also test across a broader range of surfaces via mobile, tablet, and desktop browsers.As part of the team working on this project, my responsibilities included:

  • Defining and creating user-friendly feedback mechanisms that would provide directional guidance while the program was in the process of obtaining enough users for statistical significance in other testing formats.

  • Designing dashboards to display aggregated and analyzed data in an easily consumable format.

  • Designing and implementing live web-based prototypes for features that focused on personalization and discovery flows unique to the individual customer. By focussing on offering additional variety to repeat customers, we could display information or suggestions that would give users enough confidence to consider straying from their usual order.

Curbside and Delivery Flow Research and Prototyping

In early 2019, we were approached by an international food service company to investigate the addition of curbside pickup and delivery features to the suite of ordering capabilities within their mobile app experience. As part of this effort, my team was tasked with providing foundational, generative user research to inform concept viability, as well as designing and developing interactive prototypes of the most promising concepts.My role within the team included:

  • Performing competitor research, summarizing the current state of the product space, defining existing user expectations and constraints impacting the product, and identifying opportunities to solve customer pain points in competitor experiences.

  • Conducting generative user research for concept development - including planning, moderating, and synthesizing in-person collaborative journey mapping sessions with customers.

  • Creating user journey maps detailing the jobs-to-be-done of key user archetypes.

  • Designing and building clickable prototypes in InVision, leveraging existing style guides and component libraries to create high-fidelity deliverables.

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